enough of the spiritual stuff; let's talk Super Bowl!  

babykakes73 64F  
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2/3/2006 9:14 pm

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enough of the spiritual stuff; let's talk Super Bowl!

I am a die hard (NO PUN INTENDED) Pittsburg Steelers fan and have been since the Steel Curtain. So, what's everyone doing for the Super Bowl?

I prefer to do my cheering privately and, no, no one is invited. However, I will see if Gary, who I met here and talk about enriching someone's life, talked me into buying a digital camera. (What happened to all the nice guys? I met such nice men and these days I have infants barely seperated from an umbical chord bothering me.) So, I would love to have Gary take a picture and post a picture of my hair frosted in gold and black. The face painter will be here at 2PM on Sunday and I will be cheering for MY STEELERS when kick off happens after 2 weeks of BS and hoopla over what is usually sports most ellaborate and boring event.

This year it is going to be different, though. I have been praying for that wild haired D-FENCEman Troy P (who can say his name never mind spell it!) from Hawaii and I GOT A SIGN TONIGHT!

I met a man here...over 50 named TROY who is spread eagle (no pun intended to the lousy NFL team in Philly...are they still there, who knows! WHO CARES?) on the hood of a car. Ladies, don't let your shallow, materialistic streaks show...it is NOT Troy''s car....so if you see a guy on a car hood, that's him. I understand he was released from a, a, well, let's not go there; I never kiss and tell-LOL-kiss and tell? I haven't even met the man yet. The car's a rental; so's he. I understand he charges $150 and hour, never mind--just joking! ANYWHO, it's gotta be a sign

That's a synchonicity and it tells me that it is my Steelers with Super Bowl rings in the Motor City. I could have been at this game but I didn't like the person who invited me ....shaking head left to right here.

It's un-American to have a Super Bowl in a Northern City anyway. It's always about $$$,
isn't it?

On a serious note, does anyone realize that the members or this site, 20 million plus, could effect the next election?

Does anyone 45 and over realize that we are over 80 million strong and we could take back our country.
WE RULE! Remember that. Remember that united we stand, divided we fall and GO STEELERS.

if anyone doesn't like G-O-D used in the above,
tough. GOD is as American as apple pie...oops, we are leaning spiritually again.

babykakes73 64F  
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2/3/2006 9:25 pm

This is one of HER other personalities....The MLB fan. Football is over-rated. We are just a little bit away from pitchers and catchers repprting. Someone point me towards Yankee Stadium or Mike Piazza which ever one is closer to 11364. Thanks

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