The Spirituality of Passion  

babykakes73 64F  
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12/31/2005 8:39 pm

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4/12/2006 6:17 pm

The Spirituality of Passion

When I first stumbled across the friend finder site in late April of last year, it took me weeks to muster the intestinal fortitude to plunk down my credit card and find the guts to join. This was just so not me because I was raised in a strict Catholic family and taught to sublimate any sexual feelings.
It took me weeks to deeply introspect and come to terms with being a fully franchised sexual being so, at least, if I wasnt going to be promiscuous I would have some reason to say I was here with an open mind and heart.
Passion for life had always been my mantra and forte and being vigorously engaged in a passionate love for people, nature and life epitomized the way I was seen in life.
The first man I met here was just so special; we are still in touch after a year and a half. We are friends, confidents and supporters of each other as life and caring takes on many faces. Though we rarely see each other there is a bond that will never die for that special connection we share having both been custodial parents facing such difficult challenges gives us a commiseration and empathy that enriches each of us just knowing that we are never totally alone again. Perhaps we are physically alone and yet that mental and spiritual bond will last forever.
In fact, when I first joined I met several men and with the exception of one we have expanded our circle of connections and been involved in many arenas of life that are non-sexual. The sexual component is why we say we are here and yet when we truly open our minds and hearts to knowing that passion is so much more that the physical expression we come closer to touching our own soul and that of others.
The respect issue here is a deep one for me that does annoy me at times. I do wish more guys would really read the profiles and appreciate the wants and desires that are specified. Truly, it is ungentlemanly not to respect boundaries that couldnt be more clear.
Yet, when kindred spirits and like minds behold like passions, a deep and unabiding reverence for
living amid that passionate love affair with life leaps forth, it is pure magic.
Thank you to you special guys:
Lenny, no one makes me laugh like you do.
Barry, thanks, sweetie for the radio shows.
Jimmy, my high school pal, I never knew I had until I joined this site.
Randy who introduced me to my karmic brother.
Stephan, who I have known for oh so long; so many life times.
Steve, thanks for helping the cause and
Gary, you crazy man!
While we have not been lovers in terms of what this site defines that as, I love each of you and thank you so very much for enriching my life.
A happy, healthy, passionate 2006 filled with love, my friends xox and to all.

SmedlySuperGophr 52M

12/31/2005 10:13 pm

That is truly wonderful to hear. Bonding on a Spiritual Plane requires a certain level of Maturity that is never really appreciated by the Young. When a person understands that Love Transcends, Enhances or even Replaces Sexual or Physical Relationships, a whole world of Possibilities unfold. The eyes open. The only Bond that is stronger than a Spiritual Bond between two people is that reserved for the Love of God (or Goddess). Words fail to describe what I see; however, it sounds like you may know what I’m driving at here.
Congratulations on your success.

babykakes73 replies on 3/29/2006 11:59 am:
thank you so much; may the Path continue to enchant you.

babykakes73 64F  
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1/9/2006 9:10 pm

When I see this site as a cross section of humanity, I can see what's wrong with "us." Most of my contacts clearly don't fit my requested guidelines and yet respond with things like "why aren't we talking?" or "I am the man for you!"
I state that my preference is a SWM over 45. Why is it that 21 year olds, 30 year olds, 37 year olds reply and think that THEY will be the exception? EGO!
Guys, in a healthy relating capacity there is something called "boundaries" i.e. that is a set of parameters each of us has the right to chose. Some of you guys want slender women, some of you want groups, some of you want one on one sex, etc.
If a woman states she prefers a SWM over 45 why would a respectful man who is not a SWM over 45 send her an e-mail coming on to her? Perhaps, because he feels he doesn't have to follow the rules of courtesy? Because he is thinking I am at a sex site and her saying "no" doesn't really mean "no" it means "yes!"
That sounds like a a immature and insentive male daydream that is based on a fantasy.
This is 2006, we women have come a long way. When we say we want something specific, that's what we want. It is not up to your ego to decide otherwise. If you don't want a rude reply, DON'T ANSWER PROFILES YOU DON'T FIT.
Why is the woman compelled to be a "good girl" and read an endless litany of e-mails that don't fit her stated preferences and make nice?
It gets tiring, it makes us resentful, it makes us think less of men.
Those of us that are mature enough to realize that it isn't a gender issue but rather one that really about CLASS have the right to have our
stated needs, wants, desires respected.
If you don't like the world the way it is, can I suggest that you change it with yourself and be more respectful of other people's rights on this site or anywhere else on this planet.
It always begins with YOU.

CoffeewBaileys 59M
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3/17/2006 11:25 am

Truely unique women are hard to find, indeed.
Sometime, it takes a while to see that.
Rarely, as in B-Babys case, its seen immediately...
and all it takes is sincere words from the soul.
A passion for passion is an acqired thing many wont take the time to understand. When 2 people with that kind of passion cross paths, the impossible becomes possible... the bond and passion thereof lasts forever.
The relationship you share with the few at the end, is envious...
for all involved. a dream of sorts... a goal without doubt.
When eyes kiss
when hands lock
when passion grows
when the yankess game is over

you are the best

the sweetness of cream
the PERKiness of caffeine
the ambrosia-like elixir of....

babykakes73 replies on 3/29/2006 11:55 am:
hi there, Bob--
Now, YOU are a gentleman. Thank you so much for your kind words. Guys like you make me know that what divides "us" are NOT gender issues. There are just too few of us saying: "the world needs changing and, ya know what? I am going to start with me and pray that it's contagious!"
God bless,

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