My trip to Moscow  

Bluto1965 51M
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3/27/2006 4:34 pm
My trip to Moscow

Well I haven;t started my trip yet, but what happend to me in the forefield is i think exciting enough to share. I am born and raised in Germany and came to the US in 1992. Last year in January I decided to apply for citizenship because I feel like an American and it is my new home. I travel frequently for work all over the world and so far it was always easy, German Passport-Green Card, so no problems. In January I was told to schedule and plan a trip tp Moscow to our new affiliate. Hey I thought no problem Visa In German passport Green Card and I am ready to go. Getting a visa was a breeze. But then the US Naturalization Office decided, hey that guy is long enough here on a green card, lets make him a citizen. WOW great, I waited almost 14 years for that. But here it comes. My trip to Moscow is scheduled for the 29th of March. And well they decided to make me a citizen on the 23rd. Now the trouble started, since they took my green card away I needed official documentation so I would be able to come back in the country I know call my home. My only option was to get a passport. Looking at the calendar I thought SH.. I never make it, I have exactly three business days to get a passport. But the good fortune was with me, a friendly person at the passport agency recommended me a privat agency in Miami, well I live in Wisconsin, to get me a passport in three days. I thought first he was joking. But after talking to the agency on the Friday morning, my papers were on its way via FedEx Friday afternoon. Being nervous I would have to cancel or postpone my trip to Moscow I was checking my status every hour on Monday. By 6:00 PM I got the news I almost didn't expect anymore. My new American Passport is in the mail, delivered via FedEx to me in the morning. I still can't believe it till I will be holding that piece I was waiting for for 24 years in my hand tomorrow morning, but all I can say "WHAT A COUNTRY" and I am proud that now I am an official part of it.
So be all proud to be an AMERICAN, I know I am and I will continue to be in the future.
I will continue tomorow. Thanks for reading.

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