First night out for fun  

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4/8/2006 12:39 am

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First night out for fun

After a "short" day of work I had time to freshen up to go downtown and meet the AdultFriendFinder. manager downtown, where we would meet two of his friends. Well I had no glue what to expect. I took a taxi or what they call a taxi and went to the Restaurant where we wanted to meet. He was already there and a few minutes later the two girls came. WOW, what beauties, and young. Their names were Rita and Lena, and maybe in their mid-twenties if so. We had a nice dinner but the communication was an issue since only Rita spoke a little English and Lena only Thank you LOL. But we still had a good evening and after dinner we went to a nice local place downtown for some drinks and dancing. Lena all after me when dancing, and she had the moves . To bad we couldn't talk. I had no ides how those girls could dance like that in those high stiletto heels. I have no idea why but when we left and I took a taxi back to the hotel Lena gave me her phone number, guess I have to learn Russian real quick. So after a long night out of fun and a good night rest I am trying to get in the city today, the weather is nice and sunny to do some sightseeing and maybe some shopping.

AlMich2004A 55M/57F

4/8/2006 2:00 pm

Awesome photos.....sounds like you had a great time.....keep the updates coming......!!!

Guess we will have to get you out on the dance floor when you get back so I can check your your moves!

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