First Day of School  

Bluto1965 51M
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4/3/2006 11:17 am
First Day of School

Today was the first day of school and I am exhausted. Our Affiliate manager picked me up at the hotel at 7:45 AM and I finally made it back to the hotel at 8:30 PM. WOW, long day. The customers, only three of them today, were extremly interested but I had to cover almost the whole product line in one day since there were all new customers. This is usually a full week of training. I skipped dinner tonight since we need very urgently some parts and due to the time difference I try to get them from Milwaukee still today. So in between answering emails and trying to get parts I am updating the blog.
I sure hope that I will get to see more of Moscow, not far from my hotel is a huge park area, according to our manager here a famous park from the socialist area. I did walk a little bit in it on Saturday but just touched the front, so I hope to get back there and take a closer look. I for sure want to get back downtown to red square and the kreml. Its awesome and I need to really take those sights in. I am also planning to visit some of the famous churches and hopefully see the Bolshoy Theater and some museums. Well time is not something I have a lot, except at night, and that alone, bummer. But I will try to see as much of that great city as I can.
Well I made some contact with a lady here on AdultFriendFinder, I hope she reads this as well, and I hope that we will be able to have a Meet & Greet and have dinner or a drink together. She seems to be very nice and she thinks I am Internet surfer, well on the weekend I was online almost all day catching up on work since I was w/o access for three days and that fills my mail box quickly.
So tonight I will try to prepare tomorrows class so I won't be working again till 8 PM so I can see a little of Moscow.
Hope all is well back home, heard there were thunderstorms and lots of rain. Bye for today and more tomorrow.

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