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New Sexual Invention

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Award-winning, gravity-free sex toy explores new erotic frontiers

Forget NASA, the Gravitizer takes you to the moon
Tuesday, March 14, 2006
By Ryan Gauss

Gravity-free sex? It may not be physically possible, but after winning Best Sex Toy of 2006, the Gravitizer makes pleasure effortless, unique, and as weightless as one can get.

The Gravitizer, which is remarkably similar to last year’s Body Bouncer, is a rather simple concept. It involves a contoured rubber saddle with a hole in the centre mounted on a steel frame. The saddle is highly elastic and is tested to hold 500 pounds, although it has a recommended weight limit of 225 pounds. The sex toy is meant to be positioned between the partners’ bodies for heightened erotic action.

The Gravitizer is designed to minimize the amount of energy spent on the mechanical routine of sex. Partners feel less tired or cramped, since it takes little effort to sustain. This leaves one time to focus on the sensation of sex itself, so both partners can relish in the “joyride.”

The website,, outlines 20 positions, each with an illustrative animation. The classic Gravitizer position is known as the “Trot” in which the device is placed over the man’s penis as the women bounces on the saddle. The saddle’s spring allows for deep penetration, with little effort. The equally arousing “Flexer” is similar to the “Trot,” but the woman faces the opposite direction.

Other basic positions include the “Hammer,” the “Bliss Box,” and the “Doghouse,” for the natural doggy-style lovers. The “Plunger” is a popular position where the woman throws her legs over the man’s shoulders and bounces. The “Shafter” provides the man extra control and authority, as it demands a strong, athletic performance from a push-up position.

The site also separates the Gravitizer’s use into other categories. For oral positions, the hole in the device serves as a target for the mouth, but warns the users to “always exercise caution when sitting down on an occupied Gravitizer.”

Since it can drop eight or nine inches, excessive bouncing may cause injury. The “Cat Cage” and “Throttle” are the recommended oral positions since they reduce neck cramps and burning arms.

The Variety category involves some of the more challenging positions, such as “Arch Angel” and “Lammer,” which require bar stools and a wall.

Masturbation can also be achieved by placing a dildo or vibrator directly beneath the device. Those willing to take it to another level can check out the Group and BDSM (bondage, discipline and sadomasochism) category. Positions such as “Spin Doctor” and “Give-N-Take” require outside objects, and/or people, and plenty of lubricant.

Despite its easy-to-use features, the device does have limitations. Because its height is not adjustable, towels or pillows are needed to help position the partners. As well, the site reassures users that the Gravitizer does not cause chafing, but still recommends the use of lubricant or talc powder for rigorous use.

For what seems like a mini-trampoline with a hole in it, $220 plus shipping and handling may seem a bit much. But people who do use the Gravitizer often become hooked.

This product has also been endorsed by individuals with physical injuries, which pose limitations in the bedroom. Women with partners who are not as equipped below the belt rave about how the Gravitizer “reaches places [she] could never imagine he could.”

Still, others criticize the product as a lazy way to have sex and that the price is rather steep for such a simple invention. But, as the old saying goes, don’t knock it before you try it.

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