A year in Review!  

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12/28/2005 12:10 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

A year in Review!

Aloha Everyone! Happy New Year!

Well it’s been a banner year for both of us. We made some great new friends this year and our friendships continue to evolve. We had a pretty good year as far as play goes too. Lots of new single guys for Luckyblue to play with this year so that’s a plus for her. Oh hell I enjoy MFM just as much as she does. It a great thing to see her pleased to no end for hours and hours. We meet one very special new friend that stuck around most of the year and was our “On Call Cock” we’ve become good buddies and LB really likes him too. Looks like he’s moving on to a new plaything after almost a year with us. Thanks for all the fun times “Big Head E.” LOL Ladies wish we could tell you who it is because from what Luckyblue says he’s worth a few rides. LOL
We are looking forwards to the New Year and all the new friends we’ll meet. For the first time since we’ve moved back here we’re taking a vacation in April for three weeks. We are headed to the mainland for a short driving, shopping, and playing trip. We hit LA. Then off to Vegas for a week then were going back to our old stomping grounds of Arizona to meet up with some old friends. We have no real plans so if you live in any of these places or on the way to them hit us up.
We’ve both started trying to get back in real shape and this is going to be one of our main goals for the New Year. So look for new pictures on our profile in March.
Ok Aloha all and maybe we’ll meet you in the New Year!

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