Frustration beyond control.  

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11/11/2005 7:39 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Frustration beyond control.

So, yesterday, I was craving sex. It came out of nowhere and just ran over me. I wanted to just... grab random, innocent passerby and do him. Now, I am taken and very much in love with my bf, but just thinking about him made me so wet! So, I masterbated. I didn't look at porn though. I fantasized. 3 times yesterday and today I am still craving it. He's finally going to be getting ravaged in a little while. Bwahaha! I want to ride him. I am not amazing at this particular thing but I am definitely learning how to make it the best. Anyhoo, there is this one particular couple that I can't wait to get my hands on and I truly do hope that we get a chance in the near future to go at it with them. She's very beautiul and he's hot. Well, I better go. I've got some ravaging to do.

hotforlegs 42M

11/21/2005 11:12 am

Nichole and I would love to ravage and be ravaged buy you! I can't wait for the chance to taste you!

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