Why do we have a problem with the naked body?  

BlueThunder90 44M
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7/5/2006 12:10 pm

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1/3/2007 6:03 pm

Why do we have a problem with the naked body?

I have always wondered why people seem to have such a problem with nudity. There always seems to be a OH MY GOD THEY'RE NAKED!!!!! HIDE THE CHILDREN, CALL OUT THE NATIONAL GUARD!!!!! reaction whenever someone sees a naked person. I happen to like being naked, it's comfortable. However, if I am in my home and I am naked (which I am most of the time) I have make sure that the blinds are pulled and the door is closed so that the neighbors (and their children) won't be traumatized by the site of a naked man. If someone comes to visit, or the pizza delivery person comes to the door, I have to hurry and cover myself before I answer the door. And God forbid I should have to go down to the mail box or to the car. Why is there such a big deal about a naked person? All men have the same equipment and all women have the same equipment. All guys have seen a penis before and all woman have seen a vagina. You see one every time you shower, and we've all seen the opposite sex naked. So why the big noise? I don't buy that line about what is hidden being more alluring. I see the same beautiful womens faces everyday, and everyday those beautiful faces excite me. Again I ask; why do people make such a big deal over someone being naked?

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7/5/2006 12:55 pm

I think it's instilled in us in our upbringings. Maybe if WE start raising our children to see nudity as beauty, the next generation will be completely comfortable with it. just a thought!

rm_motornut 52M
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7/5/2006 2:11 pm

Nudity is not a sin, and is a credit to nature. In the UK nudity in public is not an offence provided there is no intent to cause offence (such as deliberately showing yourself to a member of the opposite sex). A good proof of this was a few years back with an ex-girlfriend. We were both into nudity, and we thought we would test the water. We went to a busy theme pub and sat in a corner, loud music playing. We each removed our clothes and sat naked. Nobody even flinched. Then we decided to go to the bar naked. No complaints. One girl asked me what length my cock reaches when erect, and some of the blokes made sexy comments about her body such as "nice tits" etc. Even the bar staff took no notice.
With our new found confidence we decided to head for another bar. Again no problem in the street. A group of girls flashed their tits at us, and one of them reached to stroke my cock, and blokes were leering over my girlfriend, some touching her breasts and ass and a couple touched her cunt. But nobody complained. Even the doorstaff at the next bar let us in, with a warning that any sexual activity and we'd be out. At the end we got dressed and went home, without one single complaint.
I am always naked at home, even answer the door naked (having checked the spyhole in case there are children in which case i would cover up). A minority have asked me to cover up but most just accept it. My argument is that i am entitled to do as i please in my own home, as long as i dont harm anyone. If they dont like it they can always leave.

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