so f-ing tired (friday) pt. one  

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7/31/2005 1:01 pm

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so f-ing tired (friday) pt. one

I've been out non stop these three days...and only 3 hours of sleep in my system. I'm soooooo tired, but I've had a shit load of fun!!

Friday night, I was out with a couple of
friends, and Joseph at a restaurant and then I received a call, it was Jim* (my first love). I was like know? I havent talked to him since his birthday in may. And then i was like lets go out, I'm leaving soon. So he was like alright. Of course I didnt tell Joseph about our history. That would have been weird. So we all took off to the club and met Jim there. He was sorta confused when I got there...I took all my friends and maybe he didnt want that...I even took Joseph.

So we went in and I started dancing with joseph, but then my other friend was just standing there so I told her to dance with Joseph. That gave me an opportunity to talk to Jim. He asked if Joseph was the guy I was engaged to. ( I wonder who told Jim that I was engaged)
I was like "no, Andrew is long gone"
"Oh, He's your new man?"
"Nah, not joseph, he wants to be"
"Thats Why I wanted to go out with you today. I heard you were engaged and I wanted to see you before you took that big step, which you didnt tell me about back in May"
"I wasnt over you in May, I still thought there was a chance there"
"I didnt still had feelings for me? Even a year later?"
I started feeling embarrased "yeah..."
"Oh...youre over me now?"
"Hummm...sometimes I think I am but when I see you again everything comes rushing back"
He kissed my forehead and hugged me and said, "I feel the same way"

I didnt know what to say so I didnt say anything. Then girl came along and hugged Jim. And she gave me the evil look that skank. She introduced me to her and being the two faced bitch I am sometimes, I sucked it up and gave her a smile. and then she was like, "Oh...this is (my name goes here)" and she laughed. "I want to go dance babe. Let's go" and she dragged Jim away from me and I didnt see him the rest of the night.

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