first One night stand  

BlueLovinLatina 30F
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7/21/2005 6:14 am

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first One night stand

This was my first night stand. I have no feelings towards it. I know that it can be more than a one night stand, but i dont want it to be. I finally got to vent out my frustrations from the world with sex. it was the guy from the club. he's such a hottie, and awesome in bed...but its funny how he wants it to be something more, but i wont let it. he wanted me to stay until he left for work. he wanted me to lay in bed with him. he wanted to talk to me about everything. He's probably a great guy but I didnt even give the poor guy a chance...i dont even remember if his name is Joseph or Jonathan. It was his first time night stand. But he probably thinks it isnt one.

Maybe it was that conversation I had with somebody last night. It made me feel guilty for wanting him to be something more, being selfish knowing that I'm leaving in a month. I feel like a robot, wait that means I dont feel anything. I just got home like a half an hour ago. I almost got caught haha.

I've struggled with myself to not become some other slut just cause i broke up with Andrew* and now I'm free from a year and some relationship. Or maybe i just had to wait till he left so that his punk friends wouldnt say shit. i dont know. I dont want to say anything...i'm numb.

Maybe, i'll go out with him again...if he calls...fuck him some more...who knows

Idunno135 33M

7/21/2005 7:05 am

Damn your leaving in a month? I would like to meet you before you go.

You sound like an interesting person to talk to.

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