Worst day of the summer  

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8/14/2005 3:16 pm

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Worst day of the summer

I had a great day yesterday at the island. I fell asleep on the beach and got a killer sun burn but it was fun and peaceful...I liked it very much. For once my dad wasnt all pissy like he always is. We werent going to stay at the hotel cause it was expensive for just one night, and we had swam as much as we could have hahaha...but we did. They left to go get something to eat and to shop at the store for souveniers. I stayed behind. I was so tired...I slept and my mom was pissed off cause I was sleeping. Then the dreaded call came at 4 am. the one about my call getting stolen. I didn't pick up cause I didnt recognize the number. I was having a good sleep too; I wasnt about to let that go since I dont get to sleep well often.

HPD called again at 7 when we were leaving. They told me the news...Gravity didnt really set in then...until I saw my car. My poor little honda. it was exploited for racing and drunk driving. Now I have no way of getting to my university on friday...unless I beg somebody to take me. And if nobody takes me I'm screwed. I havent attended any other orientations and I'm not about to register at a jr college.

When I had finished viewing my beat up car, my mother called, my signal was failing there in that shit hole. SO she left a message on my voicemail. I checked it when I had better signal, and it was a guy so I deleted it. I just heard hey! and deleted it, but then...in my head I was like huh? let me trackback so I recovered it. It was Andrew...he said he missed me. I didnt know he had called me. It was the night that I fucked Joseph by my house. I don't remember that day clearly...I dont know why i didnt pick my phone up. Or did it even ring? I cried for a whole hour outside in the rain. I need him now than ever...He always knows what to do. He probably would have gotten those two juviniles jumped...ahh i miss that about him. If I asked him to jump somebody he would w/o thinking twice.

I wanted to curse God today...he's forgotten about me.

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