What should I think?  

BlueLovinLatina 30F
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10/1/2005 4:41 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

What should I think?

So I was supposed to go clubbing with some friends that came down from A&M, but we ended up going to an OLLUSA party with the drinking and blah. the place was really small...packed with a lot of people and shit loads of vodka. I can't drink until next week...so it wasnt much i could really do. I talked to a couple of hot guys...but there was not much in their noggin. I was bored. and two of my friends weren't drinking either (don't really know why). They didnt feel comfortable.

So I took off with my other friend's car, which is a piece of shit. hahahaha. We were going to go to the club but it was really late...yeah they were about to close. My room mate was hungry like always, so we went to ihop, like always.

My phone started ringing. It was an 832 number...I was trippin' out cause it was really late. I couldnt really hear who it was, but then I realized it was my ex, the one before Andrew...the one that I still probably have feelings for even though our shit is done and dead. The one I would have left Andrew for in a heartbeat.

Anyway the point is what he told me. He said,
"Why couldn't I end up with a good girl like you?? Why do the circumstanses have to be this way? Why did I let you go for that other girl? You liked me for me, not because of my good looks or cause I'm so and so's cousin"

I have no idea what he meant by that...its probably nothing, but that I was a "good girl".

Why does everybody always realize that I was good to them when its over? Well...not everybody. Theres some people out there that think I'm a crazy bitch ahhaha. But the ones I did really care about...always tell me that. Now...its probably too late. its been like a year and 7 months since we were together.

This just backtracks me...and it probably meant nothing at all. I was coming to terms with myself that it was actually over, and now...what?

I should go to sleep...its 651 am

chucksu 32M

10/1/2005 8:29 am

Most guys are to blind to see what they have until they lose it. We tend to need something to compare to & that is are undoing.

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