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9/5/2005 6:05 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm


It was so weird...all day yesterday I was waiting impatiently to hear from Bob...ha ha I hasnt slept the night before and I was so tired (and I still am). I struggled to stay up because if I would have gone to sleep I wouldnt have wanted to wake up. So finally i get a text from Bob and I call him... I talked so much that my throat went dry and it made me wanna cough. I blame it on the coldness in the room (the a/c temp is always about 60 when we go to sleep).

Then I shut up...i didnt want to shut up because I knew that bob always finds some way to make me horny...I can't be playing with myself right now...Its not good for me. My other roommate hadnt arrived home yet either so I didnt want her to hear me. My door is closest to the front door. But Bob just got me so horny, I couldnt resist...

When it was over I felt as if I couldnt move...I was paralyzed and I didnt want to speak or open my eyes lol...we hung up and I was no longer wide awake...I dont remember when I fell asleep.

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