Thick-headed Whiner!  

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9/17/2005 10:41 pm

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Thick-headed Whiner!

I did come home after all. Yesterday was awesome!!! But I will write about that later. Today wasn't so great. I woke up with my feet all swollen and still feeling really buzzed...I went to go get my nails done and it felt as if my head was about to hit the table...I couldnt stay up, but then I did my eyebrows and man did that wake me up hahahaha. So then I had to meet up with some friends that I hadnt seen in a is up in some small town for college and the other one stayed home...So I got to meet her new man and I got a new cell phone that cost me a bundle hahaha. Even with the hook up!! But I love my mini phone! I'm so fuckin' broke now...again.

SO then I went to pick up my looks different I guess. I just need to remove the markings from the looks all shiny. There I saw this hot guy with an awesome car...he was so dumb he was like all taking off his shirt lol when it wasnt that hot. I was the only girl there...I felt weird.

By then it was late and I was supposed to go to my friend's sister's 16...I was all dressed up and I call my aunt and i tell ask her if she will wait for me so that I could go with her. So I'm off on my merry way and I get there...her car's not there...I go inside and they tell me she left. So much anger burst out of me...and i storm out...I call my friend and I tell him that I'm not going. He gets all pissed off and I feel weird...then i just tell him to have a good time. Then i get a txt and its her telling me it was a big misunderstanding blah blah...when its not the first time she does that kind of shit to me. She thinks I'm like going to steal her show or something. if I fuckin get in her way then she should just say to.

Then I feel as if I'm about to cry (not because she didnt wait for me, because she never puts any importance to me when we're like sisters) so I txt Bob...I was in that side of town so I was like might as well see him (I was going to surprise him on Sunday)...he says that he's talking to his grandparents and that he will call me later. It doesnt really get to me until like 5 minutes before I get home. I havent talked to him in a few days...he said he was going to call me yesterday and he then I feel like more shit, and i start crying out of nowhere. I feel so stupid.

At that point I just felt so...lonely. I called my friend and she didnt even pick up the phone. So then I gave up and decided that nobody was going to be there for me.

Bob still hasnt called me and I doubt he will. I dont give a fuck anymore. I feel like going cold turkey with Bob again. I'm so dissapointed.

muledick25 36M

9/19/2005 2:05 am

Fuck Bob if he doesn't call. thats what xmatch is for. you can write me in your blog or come over to my blog an we can get aquainted. I'd hate to see you all crushed over a loser.

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