The rest of the weekend  

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11/29/2005 8:04 pm

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The rest of the weekend

Saturday, I had a date with my two greatest friends from back home. We went to this restaurant that was just know? Not so great. Then we went to see Jarhead. I kept on thinking that I should be watching the movie with andrew. We both have this obsession with War movies...The movie was kinda bland anyway.

I went back home and my cousin came over to watch some movies...usually what we did every weekend when we were both under 18, and this past summer when I was all devastated over Andrew. But we started watching Stealth and I dunno I just felt like I needed to be alone. Besides I was in a crappy mood. It was late and Andrew hadn't called still. I felt kinda bad that I kicked him out, but Jessica Biel was making me throw up. I asked my mom if I could spend the night at my "friend's" house (joseph's).

Joseph picked me up and we had a talk. I told him about Andrew. He said that it was good that he hadn't called and it was better if he just stayed out of the way. He said hat he was the one who actually loved me, not Andrew. I was like, I guess lol. I fell "asleep", but I was crying silently. I think Joseph noticed and he put his arms around me.

He dropped me off at home the next morning and me and my mom went to get a haircut. There I realized that I didnt actually like REAL thugs. One tried to charm me at there. It was irritating. And then one of his friends looked as if he were high. And the other one was trying to get a free haircut.

Later I went to my aunt's house for the baptism. It was boring. Nobody showed up. It was just the family and the in-laws and a couple of old people. My cousin confessed to me that she wants to get married already, She's 24 just broke up a 4 year relationship and is now dating around. She said it was so hard to start over...She is the first one out of the family to date outside our race. Her mother said that she rather her date an African american man that a mexican. My aunt just has so much hatred toward the former in-laws that destroyed two of her kids' life.

After that Chris called and he picked me up. He said his aunt wanted to meet me. On the way there...I realized we were blocks away from Andrew's mother's house. i wanted to pass see if he was there, but i was with Chris. Besides his mom doesnt even much know me. How sad.

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