Swallowing my Pride  

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10/16/2005 9:43 pm

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Swallowing my Pride

I've been too busy to be posting...hahaha thats a first. lol Yeah Been going out a lot. Last night was fun, lemme tell you...there was a LOT of good looking guys out there...that i danced with lol. I cant even much get the markings off my hands. I got a lot of numbers, but I'm not interested in getting any other people involved in my life...I dunno...whatever. I'm confused.

I talked to Joseph today. it was so akward. I didnt even much know what to fuckin say...lol. He asked why i didnt answer his previous phone calls...and again i didnt have an answer. I told him everything that had happened this past summer, up to now and he wasnt so happy. He threw a lot of shit in my face...that i knew were true. So I couldnt really say much cause he was right.

Like they say, the truth hurts...I took it all without saying a damn thing (i'm very confrontational and on the defense all the time). He apoligized for being so blunt and said he would get back to me on a later date. And that was that.

I have a question, is it weird of me to want to sleep with Chris often? Not fuck him, not yet. just having him hug me feels kinda good. Some sense of security I guess...whatever...

zanzibarus 38M

10/17/2005 5:28 am

haha sweet you can be my #1 groupie. I'll make sure the sex is good!

yeah the pic is more revealing, but it will be gone soon, i just deleted the other one so i could chop and change it and upload it. Just waiting for it to be accepted hehe

dont get too happy

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