Staying up Late  

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6/22/2005 2:00 am

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Staying up Late

I will finish the ex fiancee's story later too

So I was talking to Michael and he asked me why i was up so late and i was like I'm always up late lol. So he was like whenever I want to go to sleep i Masturbate and i get sleepy and if that doesnt work i do it again. lol I was laughing really hard cause he had never told me something like that. So I stop talking to him and I'm laying in bed thinking about random things...still not sleepy (but now I am). So I roll around some more and I'm like hey...Michael said...and I'm trying to fight so HARD with the desire to, but I give in and maybe its because i was thinking about this one guy that I will not name lol. He's just so... and I'm Hummm i think i will skip the details about what i did. just that I love the squishy noise my kitty makes lol anyways and when I finished I was sooo tired, my heart was pounding and beating fast. I thought that was so weird. i had NEVER been that tired after that. maybe it was too intense. Shit I dont know. Not something I expected from just thinking about somebody...hummm this is interesting maybe it will come in handy.

rm_BornNYC69 37M

6/22/2005 11:28 am

Lucky freaking guy..Wonder Who?

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