Spoiled by Joey  

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8/28/2006 11:18 pm

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Spoiled by Joey

I with Joey Friday night and ALLL of Saturday. It was cute...we were at his place, and we were in bed already...I had my head on his arm and we were both looking up. I was resting my eyes...and then he kissed me on the side of my forehead. I turn around and he pretends to be asleep. I closed my eyes, and he did it again. lol So the next time I have my eyes open and he opens one eye. when he sees me looking at him so, he closes it right quick and pretends he's snoring haha. He's so dumb lol.

I finally go to sleep, but he wakes me up in the middle of the night. He had taken off my panties...who knows how I didnt feel that cause I'm a very light sleeper. he had two fingers inside of me and his thumb on my clit...I was like...what the hell is going on?!? lol I came and I was still half asleep. haha. In my half sleep...i was like...but Joey I gotta do you...and he was like...no just go to sleep. he kissed me and we went to sleep.

I got up in the morning-ish lol and took a shower. He jumped in with me...and he did it again! Then he lifted me up against the wall. I had my legs wrapped around him...that felt awesome! I was like...screaming loudly and then next thing you know we hear the doorbell.

It was his parents...they heard I was back for the weekend, and decided to take us both out. I was SOOO embarrased! I kept on thinking...did they hear me? Do they know? lol. I mean of course they know...I spend nights at his place. but did they know it was happening at that particular time? lol.

We went back totheir house and had lunch...at around 6 I wanted to leave because I had a family event to attend, but they were like...we want to take you to this place blah blah. And I didnt want to say no so I didn't get to the family thing until 9. and then at 12 I left again with my friend...and we uhhh...did stupid shit and now I'm sick.I ended up getting Joey sick...and now we're all sick. I hate colds!

He came over this morning to drop off his car...SUV or whatever haha My car is in the shop and he was like...I can just rent a car for the week. So...yeah...I didn't even know how much a Mercedes G500 cost...until I had already probably driven recklessly. lol. I dont even wanna touch it anymore. I'm scared I might wreck it! ahhh! He must really be in love with me if he let me drive that thing that probably costs more than my 5 years of tuition, room and board.

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