Sorry ha!  

BlueLovinLatina 30F
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9/5/2005 11:45 pm

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Sorry ha!

After 1030, I fell asleep. I feel gross...I think I'm getting sick again...I feel so weak...

I had slept like 35 minutes when I heard a knock on the door...I was groggy and cranky and i was about to raise some hell. I opened the door and it was Joseph. he said he had dropped by yesterday but I wasn't home...I had been out for most of the day. He asked me if I would go for a walk with him. I feel tired to I declined. So we had to talk in my room.

I guess I was looking like crap lol cause he asked if I was sick again and I just looked at him and asked what he was doing here. he gave me tis litle story on how he didnt think that after all we had done and all that we lived together I would kiss some other guy. He just went on and on and then I told him that he kissed me not the other way around. So Joseph like a dumbass.

He said he was sorry...and that he would do anything for me to forgive him. I wanted him to fuck me...I need to get laid. but I was like...ughh I don't know...maybe you should go back to Houston, you have class tomorrow and I'll figure it out by the end of the week...

Then came the SHOCKER...He was like, "Blue, I think I'm falling for you. Thats why I acted the way I did." I kissed his forehead and told him, "Youre great" I felt weird...I dont think anybody's been truly interested in me since my ex fiance..."Youre so sweet, Jo" I said
"No Nena, I mean love..."
"Love is a strong word"
"And i mean it. I think its getting there"
"Love is sometimes confused with infatuation"
"Not with me. I havent loved anybody, ever"

I was just feeling like if he was feeding me a truckload of bull shit just for me not to be mad at him, or for him to get laid since we havent had sex since I left.

"Then how would you know youre in love?"
"I know, Nena, I know. I'm positive"

I felt bad. I don't love him. I hugged him and I guess he got the point and left. He left around 1 but I was staying up...I was waiting for Bob but now its 145 and I should get some sleep.

JDavidGoetz 38M

9/6/2005 12:46 pm

hi blue, long time reader first time responder. I think u should tell Joseph the truth about u feelings, and i think u need to give up on bob. it seems u not going to get anything out of that with him and with joseph u not wanting to make that commitment. anyway u very beautiful and sexy as hell.

rm_BornNYC69 36M

9/6/2005 4:48 pm


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