Scars will Dissapear  

BlueLovinLatina 30F
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10/27/2005 9:38 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Scars will Dissapear

This other guy is interested in my room mate i think. He's really hot. I'm tired of my other two room mates being the loudest people I've ever known. I'm tired of all the guy drama. I'm tired of missing Andrew*. I wish i had money so I wouldnt worry if my financial aid was in jeopardy. I wish school was out for summer.

I'm jealous again. I want to cut ties with every guy and just be by myself, but somehow I always seem to be co-dependent.


Last night Chris came around like at 330 am. I wasn't asleep, I couldnt. All this week I havent slept well, too much thinking, too much crying. he knocked and I was the only one awake so i answered. He didnt say anything; he hugged me so tightly. We didnt say anything to eachother for a while. I never paid much attention to how emotional he is. He forgave me.

he fell asleep with me, still clampped on to me. Everytime i moved he would make sure I was still in his arms. I didnt go to class...and now I'm feeling all emo.

zanzibarus 38M

10/27/2005 11:06 pm


so explain to me again how you would calm me down hehehe

i want details!!

oh and dont worry about guys


cause i said do

zanzibarus 38M

10/28/2005 12:17 am

why would you want to study when you can talk dirty to me hahaha

read the story bet you will like it
bet you will do the dirty dance with your fingers after you do too hehehe

mind you, i would rather you do the dirty dance with me hehe

email me through AdultFriendFinder dammit!
that way i can give you my IM or something

txguy6419 46M

10/29/2005 1:12 am

sounds like a nice, tender sweet moment.

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