Pierced Dicks and Clits  

BlueLovinLatina 30F
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7/9/2005 8:33 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Pierced Dicks and Clits

So...last night I was talking to this guy...He's hot lol. Really nice guy...good morals good views on life. He doesnt have hair anywhere... not even down there I checked lol. but anyway thats not what i was here to talk about. So When I checked to see if he had down there he had his dick pierced in all different kinds of places...

I've never had sex with a guy thats pierced down there. It looked really weird to me...like If I were the one that got it and it hurt...lol

He told me that it hadn't hurt...but I guess he's used to pain since he has this tat that covers his whole back...

So has anybody gotten their stuff pierced? Did it hurt? Did it it enhance your sexual encounters in any way?

UT_college_guy2 30M
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7/9/2005 10:19 pm

i know two guys that have gotten it pierced and have considered it myself but i don't care what they say it has got to hurt to get metal bars through your dick just no way around it. And from what i have heard there is a thing called a ladder where it goes all the way down the side one inch appart and one in the head... thats like 11 freakin metal bars all the way down... thats a little much for me i'll just get a tongue ring girls seem to like that

floridayuppie 38M

7/10/2005 10:32 am

I have a prince albert piercing. I have had it for 6 years. It was not very painful to have done. I had a friend get his nipple done the some night and he said it hurt like hell. Anyways, I have had several women tell me that they absolutly love it and that it feels realy good to them. So no complaints so far, and its been 6 years.

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