Nite at Chris's Place  

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10/9/2005 10:48 pm

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Nite at Chris's Place

I was over at Chris's place and I was sorta bored...we were talking about stuff...nothing important. Then he started talking about that day when he got really drunk and showed up at my place...So he was like,
"You know that i have feelings for you, and I know you stopped talking to that dick head from the other day. We're doing this fake dating, but I want to, I want it to be real. What do you say?"

And i'm like...all like...all lol surprised. I was like...I dunno I'll think about it. And that was the end of that. So I got dressed. I got dressed in front of him...whatever he's done seen a naked girl so it didnt really bother me hahaha. He kept looking at it was uhhh weird.

we arrived at the club and it was ok...I told Chris I wanted to get drunk. So yeah by the end pf the night I was pretty out of it. and when I get drunk I get a little "friendly", as my friends would call it. So I was all over Chris lol but then I wanted to leave, So we left and I told Chris that I was afraid to fall off my bed so I went home with him. He has a big king size bed.

I dunno what was going on in my head when I got to his place...I started taking off my clothes as if I were going to sleep by myself lol. (I sleep with my panties on only) i told Chris to get in bed with me and I started making out with tongue started I forgot that I cant kiss anybody. I washed out my mouth and jumped back in bed. I really really wanted to fuck Chris lol...but he was like, "No, babe. I dont want to do this when youre drunk. Go to sleep."

I put my head on his chest and fell asleep...

a few minutes later was when I received the call...that I cant talk about yet.

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