Need For an Update  

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3/12/2006 8:36 pm

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Need For an Update

This past month I've been pretty busy...just logged on a few times. So...the past month i got a boyfriend...on campus lol. He lives in the back part of my dorm complex. But that was short lived hahaha. Chris knew about it, and he was PISSED. He's a colombian...short colombian. I dunno things were great at first, but after the first time we went to third base he said, "Youre distracting me. I need a 3.5 to get into medical school blah blah"

So he broke up with me last sunday. It was kinda crappy, i hated it. I wanted to go kick his ass. It was like "How dare you break up with me!" I mean his damn room mates were trying to be all up on my goodies...telling me they wanted to holla. And he's not even hot you know? I officially let go of Chris to be with that short fucker and after a couple of weeks...he says i'm a distraction.

Then Wednesday he calls me after class and says, "Come take a nap with me" And me all gullible thinking that he actually wanted to take a nap with me. I thought it was so sweet...but what he really wanted is for me to mess around with him. And i got so angry!!! And then he was like, "we should be friends with benefits" at first I was like HELL NAHH. But then gradually he won me over. And i agreed to it.

And I'm kinda pissed off at myself because i'm NOT the type of person that wants a friend with benefits. I found that out after a couple of months of being on this site. But the idea of me being able to kiss him still, to be touched by him, to be held by him...appealed to me. I still feel for him...even though i kinda hate him at the same time.

I hate him because he didnt think i was good enough to be his gf. When...all his damn friends wanna be with me. Don't get me wrong I dont think I'm hott shit, but when all that happened I just felt really unnattractive. Why didnt he just try to work things out with me instead of just letting me go like that? ARGH!!!!

And after all his jealousy...I broke up friendships, stop talking to two people cause of him, made things with my room mate more hostile than they already were. The deal is that my room mate and him had a short little thing before I ever came in the picture. But then he was cock blocked by a guy he thought was his friend. And I think the Colombian is a little bitter about that still. But anyway, while me and the colombian were together, they went to study together and then to dinner at the dorm cafe. At dinner she told him that she had a thing for him. So then he said he had a gf and that it was me. So that caused drama between the both of us and she gives me these weird looks.

I have to live with his for a month and a half things might not go so well. So...right now he's in south Padre for spring break. He sent me a text message this afternoon saying, "We should not mess around anymore. Its not proper since we're not together. And i always end up feelin weird afterwards." So...I feel rejected again.
and I tell him, "I'll talk to you about that later"
"I'm just saying you know?"
"I'll talk you about that later, when we get back to San An cause i'm a lil' busy right now"

So...i dunno...I guess I dont wanna let go.

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3/16/2006 12:16 pm

Yea that usually ends up how it goes. It's not easy being "friends with benefits" because usually emotion gets involved. Sorry to hear that he's being a jackass - some people just don't know what they have till it's gone.

If he doesn't think you're good enough to be his girl then don't bother with him. There are so many guys out there it's not funny. Take this site for example, Probably a ratio of 2000 men to 1 girl. (And that's includeing the fake girls) Just be yourself and have confidence in yourself - from what we see here you're a gem to be had. You'll find Mr. Right sooner or later.

Now that I've sounded as corny as I can be - Cheer up. Might as well be happy.

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3/25/2006 3:35 pm

What a fool or should I say a jerk. I'm Colombian too, and I hate to hear that a guy from my country doesn't properly take care of a woman's heart and her emotions.

Let me tell you this guy seems to be sleazy enough to hook up with your roommate the minute you say to him his benefits are over.

The worst part is that he is not man enough to stop what he is doing to you and stop taking the benefits. He cares for you only just enough for you to keep your hope in a relationship, and as you said not wanna let go of him and at the same time he makes you feel crappy about yourself and the feelings you carry for him.

I know all this things are hard to hear, my friends kept saying similar things to me when I got back with an ex that cheated on me, and it is cause they hurt your heart your pride and your soul.

So let me leave you with this thought, do u think you care for who he really is or for who you want him to be.

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3/25/2006 3:45 pm

Since I saw you used the baseball sex analogy, do you know any other analogies?

the most common one is about baseball. First base, second, third and home. But I heard from people like Bill Maher that bases got all screwed up with the younger generations (seems like I'm part of an older generation already).

For me:
1st base is french kissing,
2nd is touching tits and ass over the clothes,
3rd is touching her pussy or even mutual masturbation,
and Home is intercourse with additionals if desired (oral,anal, food ... etc).

Are your descriptions for the bases the same?

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