My Tongue on Her and Him  

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10/31/2005 8:28 am

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My Tongue on Her and Him

I made it home well…sorta lol I had to ride with the windows down the whole way. When I got there my plans with friends were cancelled. I didn’t wanna eat or smell anything (ie food). Some friends that I used to chill with a few years back, in my "bad" days called me cause my cousin told them I was home. They invited me to their party…or whatever it was lol. So I decided to call Joseph and head over there. It was the same old thing…kegs, gallons of liquor, people getting high over there and some other people getting it on over here lol. Me and Joseph got SOOOOOOOO drunk. Lol I ended up making out with…hummm…one of my exs. Joseph was ok with it since my ex is a chic. I was so horny…I wanted to have a 3-some lol. But wasnt going to have intercourse until after Thursday…I have a doc appointment with the girl doc lol. But anyway…At first I was having sex with her…lol Joseph was watching…I didn’t mind. But I was like aww poor Joseph, so we both gave him head at the same time.

But anyway…I slept over at Joseph's (my parents thought I was still in SA). When I woke up…I wasn’t wearing panties. I was like WTF? Where did I leave them? I was just horny all fuckin weekend…I took a shower with Joseph…mmm…he fingers me soooo well. He dropped me off at my folks house and I went to the movies with my bro and went shopping. I picked up my mom and bought a jacket. Then my aunt invited me to a wedding and I invited my cousin. We danced till the cows came home lol. I didn’t know anybody but I musta been looking good cause a lot of guys were hitting on me. Lol I felt pretty.

I felt kinda weird getting any way involved with her (my ex)again. Cause when we were together…she was REALLY into me and was like all…weird when we broke up. I was like her "first love" Well…first at a lot of things. She's a very attractive and good girl. She called me when i was leaving my beloved town and let me know where my panties were…I didn’t know what to say lol. I thought my bi days were over.

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