My Ears are ringing  

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4/2/2006 1:01 am

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My Ears are ringing

To answer the question "do u think you care for who he really is or for who you want him to be?"

I suppose i care about him...because of how he used to be with me. Very sweet and caring, romantic...for example he wrote me this once:
Blue Blue St. Blue,
I know some of the things I say, or do may not seem completely true to you but to me you are becoming my world. You have such a great big heart, I just hope there is room for me in there... There are so many emotions that run through me that I could not ever explain with simple words or simple sentences... I'm sorry if I tend to rush things at times, in reality I'm just longing for a kiss, a touch, or even a smile from you to let me know that our path is uniform. The sound of your laughter instantly makes even my darkest days into one of the brightest. I know I mess up at times and im truely sorry for that... Those times I heard you cry, I felt like I could hear part of my soul cry with you. My eyes water at the thought of your tears and for that im sorry. At times, I guess I see myself as the antagonist who was never content with anything that I had, never seeing clearly everything you offer me, until now. I promise to not rush things from now on, an dim sorry if im still young and make childish mistakes. Your such an amazing person baby, I just want my giggle monster to giggle again, and I cant say I'll be successful at it but I can honestly say I am going to try my very best.

I love you Blue,
The Colombian

Wasn't that the sweetest thing...but sappy at the same time? i can't believe I feel for that...he is right! I am gullible! Blah...!

Me and the Colombian have continued to mess around. I care about him...and maybe thats why i do it. This week, he hasnt hung out with my room mate. She has been in her room with different guys all week. Which...I'm cool with. lol I want her to have guys over now. Before...I hated it when she had people over, it annoyed me.

I saw him on campus and it was weird cause I never see him on campus even though we walk to class at the same time and walk back at the same time on MWF. That was akward and then my friend showed up and made it I was just like whatever.

Tuesday, I called was my turn to call I guess. I just wanted to hear his voice. he was busy studying so I let him go. 5 minutes later he caled back and we decided to go to the library together. We studied from 1130 to 330 and from 330 to 530 we messed around. I can't believe we did that in the LIBRARY!!! I am ashamed! lol. I ended up getting a parking ticket!!! 75 dollars!!! ugh...

He was suposed to come over on Thursday night but he stood me up. I was sooooo angry!!! At least he could have let me know...that he changed his mind. He's back home right now because it was his mom's birthday, and because there was a robbery at his dad's clinic's pharmacy. whoa long one! lol.

I dunno whats going to happen when he comes back...but I know that I'm NOT going to call him. I refuse to.

First love guy has been calling me the past three days...its wonderful. lol I know I'm supposed to be over him...I mean its not as if I think about him all the time, but i can't help but notice that he's dreamyyyy. lol. And I sooooo can tell that he's single even though I haven't asked yet. I wanna fuckkkkk him lol. Maybe I'm just saying that cause I've been horny all day...I tend to be that way when i take pictures of I'm weird.

xmorpheuzx 35M
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4/2/2006 4:50 am

well, hi first... after readin the story i'd say... cant tell... but would be interesting to know the end. your decision. what you'll do finally...

but lets say: take care of yourself, thats the most important.

greetz from nice

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