Moody...and sick  

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11/2/2005 8:01 pm

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Moody...and sick

My friend came over today (the one that is room mates with that bitch I dont like from hs) She told me that the bitch was complaining about people that talk shit openly about other people and she was like , "Just like Blue*; people didnt find out about me until later" Thats so fuckin retarded. I mean damn if youre talking shit wouldnt you want everybody to know...thats the whole point in talking shit. She's just a coward. And then the bitch accused me of talking shit about my friend... she said, "Blue's probably talking shit about you too!" and I was like, "i'm not going to talk shit about you, I dont have anything bad to say about you" and my friend was like, "yeah I kinda figured that" I'm so tired of her. This is high school shit...

My ex called me today the first love guy...I missed his call cause I was talking with my friend that i was talking about above. I called back and his bro answered. he asked who i was and I told him my name. He was like "ey!! Blue's calling you" and then he comes back to me and he's like, "Wait I'm talking to your sister right now" and I'm like, "My sister?" I guess I was on speaker cause my ex answered and he was like, "Sorry he thought it was the other one. I'll call you back" and he hung up on me.. bastard!

I got so upset and so pissed off that i screamed really loud and I think my room mates noticed. but I dont give a damn!!!! I was so pissed off that I felt hot tears roll down my face. I'm jealous and I just want him to STOP calling me already because I know that i still cant resist him. Every fuckin time he calls me he makes me feel bad, really bad.

Seriously I'm so pissed off that I can feel my heart in my throat...fuck that I'm more than pissed off I'm ANGRY!!!! I honestly thought that i could probably be friends with him, but i CANT. I still have feelings for him and should be woman enough to let him know, but he has a good view of me...and I dont wanna mess that up.

Then this morning I didnt go to class (yes I'm a bad student) cause I'm getting a cold and my period started head on. I hadn't gotten my period in over a year and now its no sissy period its a mean one. i couldnt even get up. Tomorrow is my doc appointment...ugh.

zanzibarus 38M

11/3/2005 2:25 pm

you need to seek vengeance on those who have wronged you!

i'm big on revenge. Its a great equaliser

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