Making it clear  

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10/7/2005 12:28 am

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Making it clear

I called Chris at 930 today. I didnt want him to be mad at me for some stupid reason.

I told him that I really wasn't with some guy last night. That he could ask my retarded room mates that I dont get along with to make sure. So, then I told him, "I'm doing this for you...and I'm going to try to be there as much as I can, but if I can't, dont fuckin panic. We just sort it out. make some plans, see our schedules...whatever, you know?" So everythings cool with him now, and he's walking me to class tomorrow morning.

Now...on to the next one

I was talking to Bob an hour ago...and basically he told me to stop stressing cause we were only friends...So, of course that didnt hurt my feelings. NOT. and then the ass asks me if I missed him...humm I dont usually talk to my friends that way, only if I havent seen/talked to them in weeks. He kept on bugging me about it and I finally said, "Why do you think I always complain about talking to you once a week, asshole" I just got really pissed off that he kept asking me that question when he had no right to when he said we were only friends.

then he says, "why do you complain? you make me feel like shit"
"Oh and I feel so dandy. You said I was your friend so you wont hear me complaining anymore"
"hell nah, say what you feel"
"I dont believe in one sided shit, so I dont have to tell you anything"
"What if i dont have anything to say?"
"More of a reason to not tell you anything"
"Are you wet?"
"Fuck you ass hole"
"hahaha chill out...shit"
"You dont know how I feel right now. so dont tell me to chill or whatever"

Once again i saw myself crying for this asshole...then i felt sick and I threw up...great.

all that was ever left has gone away, And there's nothing there for me to do. I'm left here with empty hands, and w/my heart stomped on.

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