Last time I had sex with my fiancee  

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6/21/2005 1:27 am

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Last time I had sex with my fiancee

So me and my fiancee broke up this sunday, but the last time we had sex ohhh it was delicious. It was last Thursday. MMMM...I was with him the whole night and we didnt stop. I wasnt wearing anything special just a pleated jean skirt and a tank top. I hadnt seen him in a week because I was really busy with party plans. I was only going to talk to him and spend the night because i missed him. We were laying in bed not even holding eachother. We were just talking and there was a fan in front of the bed. it kept on making my skirt fly up and I was going commando. he was laughing at me and asked why i had gone commando and I was like, i didnt have any clean underwear. So I fall asleep on his bed. Later I wake up and he was licking my pussy. I started moaning loud cause he's so good at it. I could feel his warm tongue going up and down my pussy lips and he started sucking my clit mmm I wanted to scream but I bit my lip instead. He came up took off my shirt and bra to my nipples and started biting and nibbling on them. as he was doing that he was fingering me. mmmm...I came and he licked my pussy juices. I was like baby you're not going to have all the fun so i asked him to sit down. i pulled down his boxers and it revealed a very awake dick. His dick is so longggg and wide. I start sucking on the head of his dick and I know he'e feeling good cause he has his eyes closed. then i slide it alll the way in. and i start sucking it more, faster and faster and he comes in my mouth. I suck him dry. and then I say baby but this whole hasnt been played with and I point at my ass. he gets on the floor with me and slides it in mmmm I scream his name and he starts pumping it be continued

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6/21/2005 6:28 pm

woww, just

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