Kissed and made Up  

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9/12/2005 12:34 am

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Kissed and made Up

I wonder why whenever I talk to Bob, I get really horny. Even if he's not talking dirty to me, I get so horny and it makes me wanna touch myself...

Today, since i was mad at him...well I was mad duh obviously and he was sorta kinda arguing with me but not really and it turned me on hehehe...Then i was telling him how much he bothered me and he was like fine I don't like you anymore...and I was like fine you don't have to like me (or something like that) and he was like no no I do I do I like you I like you...I was like awww youre so cute Bob...I didnt tell him that but I thought it. Too bad I'm not a big flirt when I'm I could never stay mad at him...

Maybe I'm a little corny...but I like when a guy that I like calls me little names...or simple things like Babe or Sweetie or honey...I feel loved/liked lol...

Kisses to Mr. Bob

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