Just breathe  

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10/26/2005 10:00 pm

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Just breathe

Tonight i had a fun time, I put all the man-drama aside. I felt relieved. My ex, who is also my good friend, called today. I haven't heard from him since the week that katrina hit. His ship that was docked in the Port was relocated to New Orleans. And now He's finally back home. Maybe I'll squeeze him into my weekend. I miss him a lot. When he called I was in the restaurant and I didnt wanna seem rude so I told him i would call him back...

Lol I dunno why, but when I said it I used that "lovey-dovey" tone of voice, that I RARELY use. i dunno where that came from. *my hands are shaking, whoa* I guess I used it cause he sounded sad or sick, but still I'm NOT that nice. I called back and he didnt answer.

On another note, I talked to Evan today. he came around my place when i was doing laundry. I already knew what he was going to come and talk to me about. He told me that Chris didnt even go to class today, and that he's been in bed all day. Evan told me to go visit him but i thought that maybe he needed breathing room. I'll go see him before I go back home.

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