I will not drink!  

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2/7/2006 12:57 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

I will not drink!

Saturday night I told Joseph to buy a bottle of vodka. I wanted to get fucked up. I was really upset about Andrew...and his hanging up to talk to somebody else. I got really drunk and we went to a party...the party was alright. Some guy kept on asking him to flash him. I didnt know ANYBODY! Since when i get drunk I get really friendly I asked whoever was in front of me his name. It was stuart...we talked for a while and then as he was going to the next room he asked me what his name was...lol I didnt know and he was like, "i KNEW you weren't going to remember!" lol

So blah blah I came back to the dorm. i was all partied out. Joseph left to go pick up some tylenol at walmart. And that was when I made an ass of myself. I started talking to my roomates friends and then I asked for a beer and blah blah well i dont remember this its just what my friends told me. I ended up calling Andrew...and telling him that I loved him over and over. cause well I do love him, I love him so much. And well supposedly one of the guys gave me a beer when I was waaaayyy past wasted because i askd for it. And then another guy was all pissed and said I better not let that go to waste. And so Martin...the only guy that was being nice to me out of the rest. Well he was the only one that would talk to me...ahhh he was a hottie. Well Martin kept on hitting the bottle so that the foam would come up and I would be forced to drink it. Then...Joseph came back and I was probably being REALLY annoying and one of the guys called me a bitch. And Joseph got really pissed off and wanted to start shit.

So then I ended up throwing up all over the bathroom and my room...like the exorsist. But I didnt know...I dont remember none of this. My aunt and my other room mate had to clean it up while Joseph held my hair back and let me throw up in the trashcan. He stayed up all night and watched over me.
I called Andrew the next day when i heard the story. He didnt call me back until 8 at night and he was being sooooo nice to me. And I was soooo happy. He was just being so fuckin sweet. and I told him all about the story you know? Well He has the right to know. The conversation was soooo nice. We even planned out how our future is going to go. We're getting married in June...but i'm not moving to Germany cause I gotta finish school, but I'm going to visit every so often.
Today...he was the same as the night before. He even called me when he was at lunch. He was being really sweet and goofy...I love him when he's that way. But then...like he was telling me that I probably cheated on him with martin. And how was I so sure that I hadn't fucked him. And that why would any guy give a girl a beer if he didnt want something out of it. And that why did I call him at 3 o clock in the morning to tell him that I loved him. As if I was guilty and trying to make up for it. And that I couldn't give him one thing that could clear my name because I was wasted and because I blacked out.

He kept on telling me how much I fucked up. And I felt like crap. I stayed quiet...and he ended up falling asleep. I started crying a little too late cause he was already asleep (hes been going to sleep on the phone with me lately, but I always find it troublesome to fall asleep). I hung up and now I'm here...

zanzibarus 37M

2/8/2006 7:36 pm

I have come to the conclusion that we must fuck!


you know i'm right haha

zanzibarus 37M

2/9/2006 1:22 am

im just happy we agree to it hehehe

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