I've gone MAD!  

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8/14/2005 2:37 pm

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I've gone MAD!


my car was stolen...I hadnt been gone for even 24 hrs!!!!! They found the juveniles that stole my car, two 16 y-olds. My car is totalled. I cant even turn it on!

They broke the ignition key
scratched the hell out of it
Hit it with a hammer all over it
jumped on the hood and the top of the car so theyre dented in
the sides are dented in
one of the doors wont close
broken side view mirrors
cracked my front window
trunk key thing broken off
the inside of the car has a shit load of graffiti on it even on the seats

When I saw the extent of the damage that costs way more than the car itself...I ripped the notebook a had with me in half...hahahah I didnt know I had that in me.

This was the last straw...our family is moving out of this neighborhood and into the country. This neighborhood was so great before...until these people that live in front of us moved in. They have a shit load of kids probably like a yr apart...once they moved in the girls started mess with some other kids down the street. Thievery in all the houses started happening...
The house they lived in had been abandoned and foreclosed...so they probably got it at a cheap price. They stay outside the house sitting on lawn chairs all day, they dont work (the adults). They leave in the morning to drop off the shit load of kids they have and come back in an hour.

I'm so not racist...my best friend is african-american, but those people they put their race down...they are the black stereo-type down to the last letter. And to think that I defended them when people talked bad about them...

Pinches Mayates!!!!

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