I'm a Regular There  

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11/13/2005 11:03 pm

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I'm a Regular There

Joseph and my two friends got here like at 4 Saturday. Me and Joseph took a nap together on my bed...yeah it was kinda hard considering its a twin, but we managed hahaha. I didnt realize it, but i missed him tons! I told him about...my doc visit. When I was telling him...I couldnt hold back the tears. But then he said something funny and I felt better.

The rest of "party" got there later on and we left to hard rock. We had the most obnoxious waiter. He annoyed me. Then after that we headed over to the ghetto boonies of town and I was hella pissed off. There was supposed to be booze there...there was only smirnoff and bacardi. Man...that's like 10th grade shit. That tastes like sprite to me now. Besides Joseph coulda gotten us some if we would have asked. But the thing is...is that the girl that owned that house had some coke...yeah that kind. Then i was even more pissed off.

We left for the club and when we got there Joseph immediatly noticed somebody. Turned out that it was his ex from high school. I was like oh...She was WAYYY better looking than me. He introduced me as his gf...I thought...hummm...no I'm not but whatever. lol I dunno. It was weird.

I wasn't really feeling it at the club...I was still mad. I sat down on the steps, but told Joseph to keep on dancing cause I didn't wanna bring down the mood. Then I was like SHIT! Chris was there. Why did I go to the club where I usually go? It was my fault. He came to me and sat next to me. He asked if Joseph was with me. I told him he was, he said alright and left the club with his entourage hahaha.

We got home and I took a shower. It was me, Joseph, and my two friends (a guy and a girl) in my room. I didnt really feel like having sex...(yeah weird huh?) so I didnt mind my friends being there.

Joseph and my two friends left at like 930...they probably got like 2 hours of sleep. I wanted to tell Joseph to stay a few hours more, and give them the car so that they could leave, but I was like whatever, he's bringing my grandma here next weekend.

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