I'm Spoiled, so?  

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11/17/2005 10:25 am

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I'm Spoiled, so?

So I guess Andrew is right, I am hella spoiled. i called my mom just now and she said that Dad wanted me to save the remaining loan money that's coming in next semester that's about 1900 and the remaining money...a measly 700 out of 1800 lol. previous overdraft on my account, too many clothes, too much clubbin, too much ihop...blah there goes my money. Well in a way, i'm buying part of it...the new car I'm getting. It probably won't be BRAND NEW, but like 2 or 3 years old. Fine with me...sure beats my 12 year old car. He's probably going to pick that car also...since I'm only putting down payment. He told my mom he wants to get me a truck...the explorer sport track. I dunno about all that. I could use a truck, I suppose. I'm not a big fan of Ford. I have time still...he wont buy the car until January for my bday!

I told my mom about marrying Andrew. She said that it was fine by her. She was like, "If you live with him, wherever he's at, all i want you to do is finish school. He loves you, and thats good enough for me." She wants me to bring him to the house on Thanksgiving...I said that it would be weird with the WHOLE family there. They always seem to talk shit about either me o my aunt's bfs...I dont think they'll talk shit about Andrew...he's a very charming guy when he wants to make an impression. But still i dont want to overwhelm him just yet. I'll take him one day next week but not thanksgiving. We'll see how dad likes him. Maybe I should tell him to show up in his Army uniform hahahah that should impress dad.

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