I'm Rude?  

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10/2/2005 11:58 pm

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I'm Rude?

I wasn't even supposed to sign in to AIM cause well...I had no reason to, but my desire to talk to Bob made me...and he was on and he IMed me saying
"I was waiting for you"
"I was waiting for you to call"
I had a missed call on my cell from him. I called him back at 830 and he said he was busy with stuff about his cell phone and that he was going to call back.
"I didnt have your number"
I've given it to him about 5 times since his phone got messed up. and then blah blah
"you called me, so I called back and then you said you were going to call me back"
"What? when?"
"Did you think I was somebody else or what?"
"lol, OMG Noooo"
and I felt like a fool...cause he didnt purposely dial my number in the first place.
"I'll talk to you later"
"Wait...Are you mad?"
"No, I'm not mad"
"Why don't you want to talk to me?"
--stuff in between that I don't remember--
"I'm not a priority of yours so why should you be mine?"
"That hurt, seriously"
"Its true"
"That was rude"
"I'm just letting you know how I feel"
--more stuff I dont remember--
"Just tell me that you don't take me seriously so that I'll stop stressing over you"
"I do take you seriously. I have a lot of respect for you."
"You sure do show it"
"At least I don't go around calling you a bitch or something"
"Just cause you don't do that doesnt mean I don't deserve better"
"Talk to you later...its too much for me. Peace"

And he signed off...I cried...for a while (and now I'm crying again), but I got myself to stop and I decided that i should try to fix it. So I called, he didnt answer. 5 minutes later I called again, he still didnt answer and I left him a message telling him that I wanted everything to be fixed and that i didnt want this to fuck everything up or be brought up again.I told him to let me know when he wanted to talk about it. That was like a 1/2 an hour ago, so...I dont know.

Gosh...when I got up and I saw that I had missed a call from him I immediately called him back...and I was so excited and touched and in a "wow" moment that I erased the hot bass player's number from my hand. And again I'm an idiot.

zanzibarus 38M

10/3/2005 5:23 am

hot bass players exist?

you lie!


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