Hummm...Frat Boys  

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9/1/2005 11:39 pm

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Hummm...Frat Boys

Me and Chris (the Frat Boy) went to lunch together today. It was cool I saw him after my last class since his frat is always outside the building. We were talking for a while and then I was like, "I've never seen your apartment..." SO he offered to take me, at first I was like uhhh i dont know, but I did need help in one class that he had previously aced so I was like alright we can study there. So we were off in our merry way and I got there...ughhh It was looking good for a guys place lol. He's very neat and organized.

I went into his room...and sat down on his bed...he sat down next to me and at first it was awkward...then he was like, "well lets hit the books" so he was telling me all about what was this and what was that...and he kept on talking and talking and then I kinda zoned out. He just sounded so guys turn me on. i was just nodding and saying "oh ok" but I wasnt even much paying attention to what he was saying lol.

But then I started paying attention...and by the end of things...I actually learned stuff lol. Oh he's good. lol. Then it was getting a little late (well not really but i had to do stuff) so I asked him to take me home.

He walked me to my dorm. I hugged him goodbye and gave him a kiss on the cheek "for being my hot and smart tutor" lol And then he kissed me on the lips and in my head I was like WTF? But I just told him, "Thanks Chris I'll see you tomorrow between classes" and walked inside my dorm lol...

I didnt know what to say...he's cool, but i don't know if thats something I should pursue. Am I spelling that right? lol So much for being a college student.

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