How the hell did that happen?!?  

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9/9/2006 12:39 am

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How the hell did that happen?!?

Joey arrived here this morning. He's asleep now...finally. So he got here this morning, showed up unannounced, not that it bothered me, but whatever. I kinda figured he would possibly come because my trip to Houston had been cancelled. When he got here I was dreaming of having sex with some other man (a stranger, but I will explain that later). Anyway, I hear a knock on my door, and I'm thinking its my roommate, but it was him. I slide out of bed and open the door.

he says, "Babe! you were still asleep?!?"
" should know this already"
"I'm sorry, go back to bed, while I grab something to eat"
"Nah, I'll just go take a shower, and go with you"

One of my roommate goes to class, the other is at work and the other is on her way to Austin. I get out of the shower, put on a shirt and undies and go to my room. I'm doing something for my business class online. I have my laptop on my bed, and I'm on my knees beside my bed, with my butt kind of sticking out. Joey was grabbing something from the kitchen and returns to my room.

"Mmmm...I love the view from here"
"I didn't buy you that g-string; where did it come from?"
"You don't buy me EVERYTHING I wear"

Then he drops to his knees and grabs hold of my hips. His hands move to my ass and he slaps my cheek. He kisses my back, and starts slidding my shirt off.

"Joey, I'm trying to do something for class!"
"I'm trying to do something also"
"Hummm...we ARE alone"

He takes off his shirt and shorts, slides my undies off, and enters from behind-slow and steady.

---stuff in between---

I cum before him, wasnt like...ok I came, it was like...WTF! was that!?!? I felt something run down my leg. Obviously, it wasn't him...his cum is thick, and NOT clear.

"What was that?!"
"Babe, I think you squirted something out."

He looks down there...and then starts licking it off...whoaa...that surprised me. It kinda turned me on some more...when he licked it off. But ughhhh that stuff felt icky on me. And to Squirt something?!?! I'm not a squirter...! I'm sorrreee now...ahhhh!!

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