Here Again?  

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11/28/2005 12:07 pm

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Here Again?

Friday night…morning whatever at 230 am first love guy had called but I didn’t answer. I was knocked out. When I woke up I called and he said he wanted to hang out later on that day. I was thinking WHAT?!?! Lol…I haven't seen him in such a LOOONNGGG time. I agreed and he said he was going to call me later.

I left to my aunt's house with my dad and my bro. My aunt got there shortly after we did and she looked mighty pissed off. She wanted everything to be perfect when the in-laws and her second favorite daughter arrived from Atlanta. I found out that my cousin is using a picture of me and my ex-best friend on myspace and passing it off as her own. Lol she was trying to hide that page so bad, when I walked into her room. I didn't give a damn. I didn’t tell her shit. When the in-laws with money got there we left…blah its awkward with strangers.

I got home and got ready for the outing with the first love guy. He called and I asked him if he needed directions to my house, but he said he still remembered. He rang the doorbell and I opened it. He had this little stuffed dog in his hand…He held it out to me and I was like, "Aww its so cute! You didn't have to!" and he said, "I've been out of your life for a while, I missed all those holidays and your 18th birthday. I need to do some catching up." He hugged me, and we walked to the car. We headed over to the place we used to hang out at when we were together.

It was weird…I don't know why he took me there. I sat on a bench and I started looking away from him. I didn’t feel comfortable there. So many memories, all those memories bothered me. It was such a uneasy feeling that came over me. First love guy asked what was wrong. I wanted to tell him, "Why the FUCK did you bring me here?!? Do you want to torture me? Remind me of what I no longer have?" and then run away like a loser lol. But I said, "Nothing" We caught up. Then about 2 hours later I asked him if he wanted to go back to my house to watch a movie.

We got to my house, and we went to my room. We watched War of the Worlds. That was boring. Then when the movie was over he kept on staring at me. I was like,
"Loser! Quit staring at me like you know me! (inside joke there)"
"You're still the same"
"Yeah…is there something wrong with that?"
"No. I'm stumped"
"Blue I want to tell you something"
"Es que…No me acuerdo porque te deje" (translation: I don’t remember why I left you)
"I'd like to know the answer to that too. No wait! I know! It was cause of that ghetto broad that I myself told you was no good!"
"Fuck her! I made a mistake. I miss you" he kissed me and I reminded of how good a kisser he is, but I pulled away.
"You think I can't tell that you still love me?"
"That doesn't change a damn thing!"
"You still love me?"
I looked away and said no. he said he didn't believe me. And he left. Bastard!

konkali 40F

11/28/2005 10:23 pm

I don't know how you do it!
But I'm glad you had somewhat of a good thanksgiving and you're doing well!

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