He didnt wanna sleep with me  

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2/4/2006 12:10 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

He didnt wanna sleep with me

Joseph got here earlier than expected. I had to skip the gym today...which kinda pissed me off. But when I saw him...it didnt matter anymore. I jumped on him and gave him a kiss. He said, "I missed you so much Babe. I LOOOOOVVVEEEE you!" and he kissed me again...hummm I didnt say anything just flashed a smile.

I had to shop for my cousins' birthday presents. That took us like 2 hours. Then We went to dinner with everybody...14 people lol it was a big crowd. I knew we were all going to eat out two days in a row so I hadn't eaten all day. When the plate finally got there I ate less than 1/4 of it. I just wasn't hungry. I didnt want to take anything home so I gave it all to my aunt. She ordered the same thing as me but she finished it all ha ha. This whole week, food hasnt been appetizing at all. The past four days I've been eating by force. If not, I'd probably pass out.

At around 11 we came back to the dorm, and Joseph was talking to me. Just casual conversation. Then he says, "I know I was thinking about this before, but I didnt act on it."
"Ok...what are you talkin about?"
"Remember when i said that I wanted to move to SA w/u?"
"Next semester I can! And I want YOU to move in with me. I'll buy a house on the other side of campus. You have seen them right?"
"I love you Blue, I only want to be closer to you."
"Wow. thats great, but I don't know if I can move in with you"
"WHy not? you can think about it if you'd like. The dorm you want to move into next semester is smaller than this, and this is SMALL."
"I can't afford to live off campus"
"What? No! You don't have to pay a dime to live with me. Like i said I love you. Why don't you understand that? Besides you'll save about 5,000 bucks in rent"
"Thats just a lot to ask from me. What would my parents say?"
"you already know they love me. They invite me to family functions for god's sake!"
"Yeah...i do need some time to think about that"
"I don't get you Blue. Sometimes you ignore me, sometimes you act like you feel the same way that I do."
"Alright. We better quit this conversation now before we both get extremely pissed off and make tomorrow awkward. Let's just go to sleep ok?"
"Nah...I'm not sleeping here. I'll be at the hotel on the other side of the freeway"
"Why are you going to do that? Just sleep with me."
"I said NO."

and his bitch ass left.

majicstick1981 35M
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2/4/2006 6:01 pm

Like I said before, think outside the box!!!!

zanzibarus 37M

2/5/2006 2:13 pm

bitch slap his ass

i'm back by the way

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