He's Young...so?  

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12/7/2005 11:06 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

He's Young...so?

i miss it...I miss it a LOT to be honest with you all. I miss that sense of security that there is somebody there that cares to listen to your crap no matter how boring, or stupid it may be. Ahhh...I could have a relationship with either Chris or Joseph, but why don't I want to? I'm so baffled by my own actions that it kinda weirds me out.

I dont want them that way...i just want them for casual...whatevers.


my friends were making fun of me today cause of the younger guy...they were like,
"Ohhh you talking to that boy huh?? I see that smile"
"Hey hey hey I'm not the one going on a date tomorrow"
"You know that if you were home you would want to go out with. No WAIT! He probably can't cause he has his school work"
Implying that he's a little kid in high school.
I was like, "Damn!! That was below the belt!"

I like him A LOT...its like when me and first love guy were together...that was beautiful. I have that smile that I just cant wipe away.

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