Having sex embarrased me  

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11/16/2005 4:33 am

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Having sex embarrased me

Andrew* came to visit me today! How'd he know where I lived? I have no idea. he called and was like,
"Can I come visit you over there?"
"You don't have to make that trip, i'll be home next week"
"Oh, I'm outside come get me. I don't know which apartment is yours"

So i'm thinking he's fucking with me, but he's right there in the front of the dorms. lol I was so happy that I jumped on him lol and kissed him for a LONG while. We came back to my room and I wanted to talk...like just talk about stuff, but he had other plans.

I could understand that he hadn't had sex in a LONG time...since the last time he had sex with me in June...I really DIDNT want to cause well one of the prescriptions was for my period to be forced to start and that was the first day that it had started. I told him that i was on my period and he was like, "That hasn't stopped us before" which is true, but I don't know...it was only once. I think its nasty...and then I get REALLY bad cramps afterwards.

He loves that I be loud...My room mates were awake...I was so embarrased lol i don't know why this time I was embarrased lol. But i LOVE, LOOOOOOVVVEEEE having sex with Andrew...I enjoy having sex with chris and Joseph, but I don't love it hahaha. Then again andrew had fucked me for a year and he knows my ins and outs, my likes and dislikes. And I love Andrew...so its supposed to be better, right?

He told me that he bought a house and I told him,
"why did you buy a house? you're not even going to be around to enjoy it"
"Didn't I tell you that one day I was going to buy you a house"
"I remember, but I'm not back home anymore"
"It doesn't matter, its a good investment"

I think he's still planning to marry me because he was telling me, "You know I want to have children with you more than even you want kids, but if we don't have kids we still have eachother" when I was missing him this whole time, I thought as soon as he asks I'll marry him, but now i'm thinking that i don't know if I should...hummm...

But what I do know is that I LOVE ANDREW*!!! he's the only person that knows me better than I know myself.

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