Gossipping Bird  

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12/23/2005 7:48 pm

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Gossipping Bird

Chris's parents had me over last night. It was nice and pleasant like always. They are lovely people. They are leaving for christmas in Florida with the rest of their family today so they wanted to see me. I thought that was sweet. So I hada pre-christmas dinner with them. That was good stuff, his mom knows how to cook.

And then when we finish eating they started talking with me. And his mom was like, "A little bird told me that you two were boyfriend and girlfriend" and i was like WHAT?!?, in my head that is. I looked at Chris and smiled. He looked like he didnt know what to say and was shocked. Well we are "together" but thats back on campus, not here. I didnt wanna embarrass him or make it into a sour moment, so I was like, "Yeah, that bird was right"

when he dropped me off he was like trying to explain...trying to apoligize for that. But I was like whatever, I dont care...cause I really dont. I'm in a nonchalant mood.

So...while Andrew is getting drunk off his ass with his white friend matthew...I'm here...bored off my ass. I went to get my nails done and they took forever and a day...like 30 minuts to get to me, more time to do them (with two people working on them), then the drying process and like 20 minutes waxing my eyebrows. Point is that I spent 3 hours there...and then some. But it was cheap...21 bucks total. I was getting so sleepy!!!

I might go out with my gay friends tonight...though I was supposed to go out with the guys from high school, but whatever..! lol

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