Friday Night (long entry)  

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9/18/2005 10:08 pm

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Friday Night (long entry)

Friday night was awesome lol. We left my dorm at about 3 and we got to Houston at like 7 ( I wasn't driving) and we meet up with our friend at Olive Garden for dinner. We had a fun time there, I laughed a lot. God knows I needed that. Our waiter was a hottie and this other waiter was such a cutie with us, he was very funny.

After that we went to get ready to go out, by this time it was about 930. Then we were off to Zake again to get all fucked up before we went to the club. We got to Zake and our fave bartender was ignoring us. And he was barely talking to us. but like 20 minutes from when we got there he brings us all shots (it was 6 of us, then 7 later). They were strong as hell. Then he brings us more shots and then I ask for a cosmopolitan and then this other "special drink" and then I just lost track. but I had like 6 other drinks. I guess he was pretty busy cause he just wanted us to get tipsy and leave. All of his drinks were 4 times as strong from the previous weekend.

And he ends up charging us a shit load and I was stuck with the bill...ugh. then I was like nah It hasnt hit me yet (the drinks in the system). By this time it was 1250 when we were just leaving and the birthday boy was all fucked up. He wanted to go back to the club we went to last week...later I learn why. So we're off.

We park and we walk towards the club. And it hits me...I go in and I go to the RR and I drop my cell, theres a big cloud of dry ice, I cant see shit. then a guy pops out of nowhere and hands it to me. We go on the dance floor and we end up dancing for about an hour...I didnt feel it go by. then we sit down and this white guy sits beside me and I ask him a whole bunch of questions. Basically he was straight looking for chics there (wrong place). Then I leave him there (kinda makes me think he's a perv). We go back on the dance floor and I get up on the speakers. that was awesome.

Then i get off cause I get tired and my roomie gets on. I sit down on a bar stool and this guy stands next to me. I start talking to him and supposedly he's a Rice Graduate, 24 years old, architect blah blah and I'm the queen of neverland. He says he's bi and I'm like he was a cutie.

I start dancing with Mr. Brett and he gets hard lol!! Then I stop cause I feel it. And there are these other guys calling for me (which I don't even know) and theyre telling me to get up on the speakers again. Brett leaves for a sec and I'm talking to the guys on the speakers. brett comes back and I practically jump on him and he picks me up lol and he kisses me. Lol I'm drunk so I'm like whatever hahaha.

I end up getting back on the speakers and dancing withthose guys but then I get tired again and I think we're about to leave (ugh some stuff I dont remember) and those guys hug me like if they know me(I think they expect me there next weekend).

Brett follows us to the couch and I'm all up on one of my friends (not like in a sexual way) and then he's all like, "work those titties" lol and then he says "Blue, you got nice tits" and then Brett says, "Yeah, she does" and he reaches over to grab one! and my friend's like "No! Don't touch!" and I hug him so that he wont touch them again.

And he leaves lol. The birthday boy ends up confessing that he is gay also...and I'm like WTF? ahhh!!! lol I don't care, but man why did he keep on denying it? I kinda figured, but still.

We head over to ihop like always. The place was full of cops and we're all fucked none of us are walking straight. Our waitress is looking at us funny and I get pissed. lol so I wanna tell her shit. And then the sluts on the other table are fucked up too lol. I think seriously they were hookers.

We eat , have some more laughs and we make it back to bday boy's house. I try to erase one of my friend's HUGE hickies lol. She was we tape it, and we tape our friend sleeping with one eye open and the other one closed...he was winking at us the whole night hahahah. and then we crash.

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