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11/30/2005 1:46 pm

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I think about sex way too much. I had two dreams this morning about me having sex.

The first one was kinda weird...and nasty in a bad way...
i was in a fair/carnival and there was three guys with me. I've never seen them before in real life, but in the dream one of them was my boyfriend and the other one was my "best friend's" boyfriend, and the other one was my "bf's" best friend. We bought hot dogs and then we headed home. In the elevator I was making out with my boyfriend and the other guy was pressing his boner on my ass.

We got to our floor and it was like one of those apartments where the whole floor is yours. We passed by this room where my "best friend" and her boyfriend were already undressed and fucking. The next room is where we were headed towards. My "bf's" best friend started undressing and layed on the bed. I was in black lacy panties and bra...my hair was curly and blonde...weird. My "bf" sat at the edge of the bed. I started sucking his dick, but it was small...well it was long but skinny. And it was like...you know when you over cook a hot dog weiner/frank and it has like this hard outer layer? Well it was like that and when I took it out of my mouth I had scrapped that hard layer off and it was normal looking. I was taking that outer layer stuff out of my mouth...eww that just looked soooo nasty.

My friend called me so I woke up. She probably wanted to go to breakfast with me.

The second dream reminded me of life when i was younger
I was at the house where I first lived at when I moved back to texas. I was thinking of this guy...who I've never seen either. I called him and he climbed up to the second story where my room was at through the window. We immediatly started making out. We were on the bed, he was on top of me. He wa hard...and wanted to fuck already. His body wasnt in between my legs. So he said, "Let me get in between, baby"

I was still fully dressed. I told him to hold on. I opened my bedroom door to make sure my parents were downstairs. I slid my sofa to block the door. (back home the lock on my door was taken off, you all should know why) I was wearing these black skin tight pants...those nasty looking spandex ones...eww, a white shirt and big black crochet sweater. I looked like crap hahaha. Once I jumped into bed, I could still feel his hard on my pussy...and I was really horny...REALLY horny. But then I woke up cause the construction outside my window. I was like DAMMIT!!! That was a good dream.

I think I should stop watching Nip/Tuck before i go to sleep hahaha.

rm_smegma00 37M
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12/3/2005 1:10 am

nip/tuck. he made that bitch put that bag over her head. that shit was great.

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