Commited again  

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11/19/2005 2:47 am

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Commited again

Aww guys...I'm taken now. Me and Andrew are back together. I'm glad!!! But now my task is to break it to Chris and Joseph. WHo knows...maybe they're going to be like, "Fuck that hoe!" or something I don't know. I have to bring Andrew to Thanksgiving dinner. I decided to take him that day cause...I figure they won't be rude that day since they will want to keep the holiday spirit on.

Mom seemed to be all suportive of me and Andrew'd relationship. i guess she figures that Andrew has his shit straight, and that dad will like him. i don't know. I'm confused. i remember when I was dating my first (that I did it with), she hated him with such passion and wanted me to break up with him ASAP. He was a no good thug...Andrew is kinda thuggish too, but he's doing something, not like the first guy that had no job, lived with his momma being 21 and did small drug dealing. Loser!

I got SOOOO jealous today. Andrew called and I asked him what he had done today. He said that he had been hit on by some highschool senior girl, but he said something smart (like always, fuckin' smart ass) and the girl was insulted. Then he let her know that he had a g/f (moi of course) and she girl said, "I didn't know guy's in the army could even keep a gf" and blah blah but that wasnt what I was jealous about.

Then he said that he had been out with his friend...a girl named Karen. I've never met her...and I better never meet her, if she knows what's good for her! lol. He said that they had been together for 6 hours...6 fuckin hours! What the FUCK?!? I don't spend that much time with some random guy when I'm commited. He sorta implied that he was pissed off that i'm over if I can help it...Now, I'm like shit i should have just taken a Monday night flight instead of a Tuesday night flight. But I booked the plane ticket way before I even figured out he would be around.

Then he went on talking about how this Karen was pretty, slender, Salvadoran (like me), with skin like Ciara and blah blah. SO I was like, "Ok that's nice" Then he kept going on about what they had done those 6 hours: shopping, dinner, movies, friend's house, meeting of his aunt, meeting of her momma, blah. So then i was like,
"Oh how romantic! IF you like her so much why dont you spend all next week with her too!"
"No, I'll do something that would piss you off more?"
"What's that?"
"I'll take her to meet my mother"
"You didn't like that did you?"

This whole time I was just fuckin' around with him...pretending that I was pissed off when i was really like ehhh...brush my shoulders off lol. But when he said that he would take her to go meet his mother...that just hurt. i havent met his mom. So then...I stayed quiet some more and I guess he noticed that he fucked up and he was like, "I'm going to let you go" (yeah that is SURELY going to make me feel better) and I was like "FINE!" And the fucker hung up on me! BASTARD! i hate him...hahaha

We have the weirdest relationship, EVER! lol...he makes me horny without even trying hahaha

Maybe i'm the weird one

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