Clubbin' Sunday morning  

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10/2/2005 11:09 pm

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Clubbin' Sunday morning

Ughhh so we went clubbin Sunday morning (it was like 1230 am)it was cool I guess. The whole process of getting to the club was horrible hahaha. We thought we were going to go with our friend from hs that goes to OLLUSA but I guess she was hanging out with her girlfriend tonight…ughh I thought that was pretty weird. I found out about it today…They said that they had been making out when we left. Anyway…so we went to OLLUSA. Gosh I was going to go to that school too and its like in the ghettoest neighborhood that I've seen in San Antonio. No joke. And we picked up this girl, ugh she was so annoying. I saw no point to why we picked her up. She took a LONG time for nothing cause she didn’t look like she took time on herself. And the club was like 10 minutes away from campus.

So we went to this one club and it was closed…we were like wtf? And some other people swung by that wanted to go to the club. We followed them to another club. The club was packed. The line was huge. Just when we got to the front the bouncer didn’t let my A&M friend in cause of his shoes. We were like shit…he let the two girls in front of us that were 16 in and he wont let him in cause of his shoes?

We headed over to walmart for some shoes…and came back. There was no line anymore hahaha. But the stupid bitches that were at the registers…ahhh!!! They're so rude. And if you have your money out before, they charge you more for their tip. Bitches! I'm a poor college student now…The place was crowded like a mother…and at first it was cool, but then there was a live band. They were good, they sounded exactly like the original song they were performing, but I didn’t like most of them.

We were really close to the band and the bass player was so hot and he was smilling at me. I was like huh? I thought he was looking at somebody behind me, and I looked back like an idiot hahaha but there wasn’t anybody looking that direction and I looked back at him and he was smiling still. But I just looked the other way. Then the band playing was over and my friends left me alone to get something to drink. I thought somebody was going to stay with me but they didn’t…I felt like a lonely loser hahah.

The bass player sat next to me. I felt kinda weird and I inched away. He reached over and said, "I'm not going to bite" We ended up talking for a while and then he asked me to dance. He was an awesome dancer…we sat back down and I introduced him to my friends. We talked some more and he asked for my number. I told him that I couldn’t give it to him, that I didn’t remember it. (when actually I didn’t give it to him cause of Bob… So he wrote his number on my hand and we left.

The OLLUSA chic wanted to party some more and I would have to but like I said I cant drink so whats the damn point hahaha so we got dropped off and then the rest took off to party and didn’t return until 11 am.

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