Clingy & Return  

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9/13/2005 11:38 pm

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Clingy & Return

I think I'm being clingy...with Bob. I can't be clingy with him, he's not my man...I cant expect anything from him, he's not mine. I can't keep on getting mad at him, he's a free man. I didnt speak with him last night and I probably won't talk to him today either. I should be fine right?

There was construction going on in the dorm so the water went out. I went to the gym and took a shower there. I was there for like about 2 hours. When I got back I had a shit-load of missed calls, my mom, my best guy friend, Chris (hahaha) and some unknown number. I was surprised Chris called...

I had voice mails so I checked...For the unknown number it was Andrew's Best friend Chava...I was like WTF? He just said, "Hey, you already know who this is, and you already know why I'm calling." at First I was like OMG!! Andrew's hurt or something but then he was like, "he's coming home soon. be expected to hear from him. Don't fuck up, I'm giving you the heads up." And that was it. If my calculations are correct he will be arriving the weekend of the 24th.

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