Can't He just LEAVE me ALONE?  

BlueLovinLatina 29F
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5/3/2006 8:51 pm

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5/15/2006 11:32 pm

Can't He just LEAVE me ALONE?

Last night...I got into an argument-ish with the Colombian. He hadn't talked to me in about a week...and he starts talking to me again-by talking shit. Ohhhh how great?!? I told him to leave me alone after he said the first comment...but he was like, "I'm just trying to be nice to you and tell you that that looks disturbing"
"Nice? Pshhh! You haven't been nice to me in a LONG time"
"Ok then it looks lovely. it kinda reminds me of this" and he showed me a picture that was horrible.
"Thanks for going out of your way to show me that picture. I dunno what the deal is with you. I haven't done shit to you. Why are you so spiteful with me? Just leave me be"

And he left me alone...but it made me really upset. I told his room mate and he said..."breathe, breathe, get over it; Just take your medicine and go to sleep"

And that's exactly what I knocked me the fuck out lol.

But...I'm still upset...and I'm so angry that he still hurts my feelings. Why the hell is he still so mean to me? I'm angry! I'm so ANGRY! So angry that it makes me cry! That ASSHOLE! I seriously wanted to walk over to his place and strangle him...

And this just opened the wounds that I already had... seriously I was HAPPY...sure shit pissed me off, but I was happy...this past month without him...has been ok...asshole! argh!

Now I remember...Andrew's bullshit...and every other guy's bullshit for that matter...I hate the Colombian.

zanzibarus 37M

5/3/2006 9:51 pm

Told ya girl. He's a cokehead. It makes you erratic.

I think we should castrate him.

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