Callin' Me?  

BlueLovinLatina 30F
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11/7/2005 12:06 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Callin' Me?

Around 12am and some I got 2 calls...but i was in my room mate's room. I don't expect calls at that time anymore. As I walked back into my room my cell rang again. it was an unknown number, I answered and nobody answered back...I was like, "Hello? hello?" and whoever it was replied once, but i didnt recognize what he said or who it was. I kept on saying hello but I got aggravated and hung up. 10 minutes later he called again. This time I thought he was going to say something but he didnt. i was like, "Why are you calling me if you have nothing to say?!?" no answer still so I hung up again.

It done pissed me off...I dont think it was Chris or Joseph or the first love guy or my best guy friend, they dont play those stupid games. I havent really given out my number just that guy from back home...but i dont think it was him either, whoever it was had a deeper voice. Dave? Nah...he wouldnt stay quiet. He still wants to hang out with me.

Could it be JR or Andrew*? maybe...but I dont think JR would stay quiet either. Now Andrew...I could believe he could play those games. Maybe I should just let go of Andrew already...It will be 4 months on the 19th since he left. I'm giving up...when November ends.

Talking about Andrew's the other Drew...needs to contact me somehow. Maybe he needs to send me a message, cause my other email account is closed now. but how can I contact him? Hummm...maybe I should quiver hahaha *wink wink*

zanzibarus 38M

11/7/2005 3:56 am

its good to see you a bit cheerier superstar. Ive missed you!

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